Grandma’s Porridge!

Grandma's porridge...
Cooking slowly
in sugar, salt and ghee
white and sweet
made of boiled, ground wheat
in goes milk, cardamoms and paste of almonds
worth a lot more than diamonds
lastly goes in the rose water
it will be ready in an hour and quarter.

1 cup whole wheat grains
12 Almonds
1 tbsp  Ghee
1 cup Sugar
1 liter plain milk ( boiled once and cooled)
6 Green whole cardamoms ( peel and grind fresh)
1/4 tsp Salt
2 tsp Rose water.

Take the wheat grains in a vessel and wash them clean. Add water enough to soak the grains. Put it on heat and boil for 15 mins. Remove from flame and
leave aside for 6 hours. 
Soak Almonds  in water for 6 hours too. 
Wash the wheat grains again and throw the water.
Grind the grains 3 times straining saving its white creamy paste each time.
Peel the almonds and grind along with cardamom to make a smooth paste.

In a vessel, add ghee and let it warm up, now add in sugar and salt and let 
them blend in well.
Add plain milk, Add wheat paste, Add Almond and cardamom paste, and
Let it cook for 1 hour stirring continuously with a wooden spoon to prevent it 
from sticking to the vessel.
Add Rose water and stir for more 15 mins.
Pour into small bowls and let it cool. 
Later cover with cling and refrigerate.


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